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The Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council, Energetics Incorporated, and Clean Communities of Central New York are developing an electric vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan for Tompkins County. There are currently five locations in Tompkins County that offer public charging, along with several dealerships and a few private sites. Public EV charging station infrastructure will be necessary to make EVs a practical choice for drivers.

Existing Conditions and Best Practices Report for Tompkins County

An Existing Conditions and Best Practices Report (EVs in Tompkins County - Existing Conditions and Best Practices) was developed for Tompkins County in regards to EVs. The report summarizes the current conditions for EV use in the County, and best practices in the establishment of a charging station network. Topics covered in this report include: 
•    Existing EV users and knowledge
•    EV charging options and current stations
•    EV Charging Station Deployment Barriers and Opportunities 
•    EV Planning Best Practices 

Download the full report here

​​Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan in Tompkins County

Site Suitability Criteria Tool

An EV charging station Site Suitability Criteria Tool was developed to help compare the viability for installing alternating current (AC) Level 1 or 2 EV charging stations in various locations, but primarily for sites with public access. The ratings are based on best practices and analysis of prior EV charging station installations. Each answer has a comment to explain the impact of each selection. This provides added insight to the user and educates potential site owners while scoring site suitability. Every location is unique and it is not possible to accurately account for all circumstances, so the Site Suitability Criteria Tool is best used to compare relatively similar sites to determine which is better. For sites compared within Tomkins County for this project, the highest score was an 83 and any location scoring above 65 was considered a good option for installing EV charging stations.

Download the tool here

New Charging Station Site Suitability

This Site Suitability Report describes some optimal locations for EV charging stations in Tompkins County. These locations were first identified through input gathers from key stakeholders in the County, then evaluated using the Site Suitability Criteria Tool. The report helps describes the site characteristics of the locations with a high Site Suitability Score and explains why other locations in the County did not score as well. The top sites included: Cornell Cooperative Extension, Seneca Street Parking Garage (and several other parking garages in downtown Ithaca), Sciencenter, Ithaca College, Shops at Ithaca Mall, GreenStar Cooperative Market, and Taughannock Falls State Park.

Download the full report here

Clean Communities
of Central New York

EV Charging Station Installation Analysis

A preliminary engineering and cost analysis for installing new EV charging stations was completed for seven different locations in Tompkins County that showed good potential from survey responses and answers to the Site Suitability Criteria Tool. In addition to preparing these seven sites for a charging station installation, these locations represent a range of site characteristics that should help other locations estimate the costs to install a charging station based on similarities to these locations. AC Level 1 and 2 charging stations cost between $500 and $5,000 per charging port depending on type and features. The installation costs for the potential charging station sites surveyed around Tompkins County ranged from $2,000 to $12,500, but could certainly be much higher in special circumstances.

Download the full report here